The Wheelman Game Interview

Most games based on movies tend to well suck. The only one I could think of that didn’t was Starbreeze Studios’ Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from butcher Bay starring tough guy, Vin Diesel. While Starbreeze Studios are busy working on Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena, a remake cum sequel to the game, Vin Diesel struck a deal with Midway to work on a video game adaptation of his upcoming movie, The Wheelman.

Now it’s too early to judge the game since we haven’t even played it yet, but we were given a small taste of things to come when we sat down and spoke to Simon Woodroffe, Creative Director at Midway Games Studio Newcastle.

How was working with Vin Diesel? How involved was he in the project?

Vin has been a great inspirational figure to work with. He was on board with the idea and design principles of the game from the get go and has had a hand in shaping many unique elements of it. Where I think his real strength is, as a Hollywood star – he really GETS games and the differences between them and movies as forms of entertainment. He’s keen to bring movie production standards into games but not at the expense of the interactivity that makes games unique.


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