Tweak Your Google Search Results as You Like with SearchWiki

Today Google is finally rolling out its long-promised and long-tested by a large group of randomly-selected users SearchWiki functionality – this time for everyone to see and use. The functionality allows any Google user to customize search results for any search query by moving results up or down according to their relevance (as viewed by this user), deleting certain links from results if deemed not relevant, adding sites that are not in the results pages and also adding notes for various sites – for example, to describe why you think this particular website is helpful for a user doing a search on this query.

The functionality will be available to all signed in Google users and the changes we make will be stored in our Google account histories. Unfortunately there is no opting out available so you will either have to ignore the voting icons if you don’t like SearchWiki or log out to be able to search Google without seeing the icons at all.

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