Upcoming Nokia Prototype Kinect Preview

Taking Nokia’s technology and heritage of innovative mechanism to a new level, British designer Jeremy Hopkins has come up with a unique cellphone that converting digital information into kinetic energy makes receiving a call, text message or email more playful than ever before.


nokia-kinetic_02_chipbit nokia-kinetic_03_chipbit


Intended especially toward businessmen, this magical mobile phone responds to notifications through movement. The playful cellphone also features an electromagnet at the base to shift the weight and keep it in an upright position, allowing the user to check the screen of the phone in a playful manner.

nokia-kinetic_04_chipbit nokia-kinetic_chipbit
If you don’t want to receive a call, you can simply tap the cellphone to knock it down to return back in the standby mood. In short, the Nokia Kinetic is simply a seriously playful cellphone.


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