What Bill Gates did next

It’s now been half a year since Bill Gates stepped down from his full time involvement in Microsoft. So what’s he doing?

Gates has decided to write an annual letter from his foundation to let us know – and he still sees technology as a centrepoint of what he does – though with the caveat that "technology is only useful if it helps people improve their lives, not as an end in itself." He also reflects on his years at the corporation.

"I want to share in a frank way what our goals are and where progress is being made and where it is not," he writes. "I will try to be…candid."

Gates openly admits that his previous work may cause him and the Foundation some problems down the line. "I am sure I will make mistakes in over-applying some elements from my previous experience and will need to adjust."

"For instance, the countries where Mi­crosoft does business are far more stable and have a lot more infrastructure than most of the places where the foundation does its work, so I’ll need to better appreciate how difficult it will be to execute our strategies."


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