What would happen if Mass Effect came to the PS3?

I have been hearing rumors lately that Mass Effect could be coming to the PS3. This rumor isn’t necessarily a new one, but it has been resurfacing as of late. I believe there is a good chance it could make its way on to a Blu Ray disc. Let’s say that Mass Effect was coming to the PS3 this year. What would happen in the month of its release?

EA would make money
Well that’s an easy one to foretell. Mass Effect sold over 2 million copies, which is very good for a new IP. In my opinion if Mass Effect was released on the PS3 it would either match that or sell more than 2 million. Want to know why? That’s because I’m sure there are PS3 fan boys that would swoop this game up in a heartbeat. I’m sure EA knows that they can introduce a fairly new IP to a new audience, and make money doing it. They should ship ME (Mass Effect) with the Bring Down the Sky DLC, patches and bug fixes, and some other new additions.  Don’t just port the game, utilize the Blu Ray and make it a bargain at $60.


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  1. I dunno… look at Bioshock for a model.

    It’s sold 2.27 million on the 360 so far, but only 320,000 on the PS3. It seems everyone who wanted to play it already played it on the 360.

    360 version:

    PS3 version:

    First week sales 360:
    Japan: 13,375
    US: 422,300
    Europe: 141,590
    Total: 577,265

    First week sales PS3:
    Japan: 1,508
    US: 33,041
    Europe: 31,575
    Total: 66,124

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