Why should black hat seo be avoided?

Black hat SEO is a very easy method used for climbing u the charts of search engines. Earlier, these methods were not considered irrational as it was not practices for any odd reason. But, when people started using these ways to move up the ladder quickly but once you get caught performing these methods, you will end up getting penalized and your site blacklisted from the search pages as well as the internet. A few traits of this type of SEO (i.e. search engine optimization) methods are – no adherence to guidelines of search engines, returning undesired results to users and no format of presenting the right info to customers and search engines.

These methods may give relief for a particular time period and may get your site a good rank but in the long run it will only harm you and your future prospects. We have only been mentioning the words “techniques” and “methods”. But, what are these Black Hat SEO methods? Let us understand them and why they are harmful for our sites.

The first method is known as keywords stuffing. It is basically a way of utilizing too many keywords without any informative content which will not help a site to stand on a search engine for too long. It may never be able achieve the goal of getting the right customers. On the contrary, it will get the site banned or penalized for using such immoral methods for going up the charts as there are a certain number of keywords that can be used within a given page. This guideline chalked out by the search engines that are expected to be followed by any site owner who wants his website up and running.

The second method is known as using keywords and phrases which are not visible to the naked eye. The text on the keywords is written in the same color as the backdrop, it is mainly done for the search spiders to pick up the keywords and get them a higher ranking. However, this is a bad way of getting people to view your site as it has not gone through proper channels and without sufficient substance to it.

The third point is the usage of doorway pages made especially to crawl up the search pages. These pages are not real and they are made on HTML with a number of keywords. This page is never visible to a user, a customer or user will be directed automatically to the website once he clicks on the link. This way of link building is very risky and punishable once caught for it. You will lose your reputation as well as your website.

These methods only work for a short while and may get your site to the top, but some time or the other this will catch up and get your site in the bad books of the search engines. So, it’s advisable to use safe and straight methods of SEO for your site. You can hire the services of a SEO expert who uses the genuine method. So, avoid playing with your future ever again.


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