Windows 7 Beta – First Look

Windows 7, the next big thing since Windows Vista, has just been released into public beta status. While it isn’t scheduled for final release until the end of 2009 or possibly the beginning of 2010, Windows 7 is now available to download in disk image format for the everyday consumer. (Keep in mind, Microsoft is only releasing 2.5 million keys for the beta of the newest operating system.)

The public beta of the new operating system is said to be complete and is geared towards business and information technology individuals.

It comes fully loaded with a much better security system than it’s predecessors. With more people going wireless today, Windows 7 is also optimized for mobile users using either a laptop or a Netbook. Windows 7, so far, seems to be an acceptable upgrade that has touched on most of the flaws Vista continues to have. So far, the testing results of Windows 7 seems to be an overall positive one. Only having a few minor flaws, the newest operating system from Microsoft appears to be a decent upgrade option for Vista users.

Highlights of Windows 7 Beta 1

– Microsoft has built Windows 7 on the core of Windows Vista, which, even after a fairly shaky start, has turned out to be more stable and secure than Windows XP.

– So far, Microsoft has stated that Windows 7 will not require different hardware the way Vista’s release did.

– The operating system’s sleek new interface is much more user-friendly than ever before. Instead of cluttering the taskbar, it’s been altered to show icons, which aids in creating a clean new feel. Also with the new icon rich taskbar is a new feature called Jump List. Right click on an icon in the taskbar and you’ll be shown a list of actions involved with the program as well as a list of recently done tasks (such as recent documents or web pages) with the program.

– One of the newest features to Windows 7 is the inclusion of the Action Center. The Action Center focuses on daily maintenance and security. This all-inclusive feature makes it easy for users to set security settings, backup or restore and and troubleshoot their own minor problems without having to call technical support.

– In independent testing, Windows 7 seems to run faster and smoother overall. Transferring files, opening programs and documents, networking and installing programs seems to be a much less painless operation on Windows 7

– Microsoft is taking a active interest in Windows 7. They have already fixed a bug concerning MP3 playing found by preliminary beta testing.

Downfalls to Windows 7 Beta 1
– One of the most major downfalls to the installation of Windows 7 is that XP users cannot upgrade to 7 at this time. Who knows why Microsoft decided against allowing the majority of Windows users to upgrade, but only users who have Vista SP1 or higher can upgrade as of yet. (Microsoft might change that option in the final release.)

– As of August 1, 2009, Windows 7 Beta 1 will expire and no longer be usable. So far, it doesn’t seem like there’s a way to uninstall Beta 1 and go back to your previous operating system without having to start completely over.

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