Windows 7 is Vista but Vista isn’t Windows 7

It’s just around the corner, Microsoft’s next latest and greatest operating system will be coming to a new PC near you. Windows 7 is claimed to be everything that Vista wasn’t. A fast booting, sleek operating system which is as reliable as XP came to be.Yeah. So far all that is to be seen are a few minor interface changes but no real under the hood modifications have been spotted, yet. Thinkknext has some spy screenshots of the new interface and here’s a short rundown of what appears to be in store.

Windows 7 will take us back to the simplified Start Menu of yesteryear but items can be added to it if you so desire.

The calculator that has been around basically since Windows 95, if not the early 3.1 days has finally gotten a facelift. It’s about time. Having to use the ugly calculator in Vista can be such a drag sometimes. Some of us don’t keep a desktop calculator around, I’m just saying.

User account control has gotten a leash. It is now the unobtrusive system that we were promised in Windows Vista. Hey, Microsoft how about releasing some of these updates for Vista instead of forcing the masses to pay for yet another upgrade.

The “Ribbon” menu system that is part of Office 2007 is now part of Windows Paint and Wordpad. With a bit of luck, it will become part of Expolerer as well which needs a change.

“Libraries” has replaced documents, there are some new Control Panel settings and the themes and resolution properties have been changed for the better. That’s pretty much it. While it is largely Vista, some minor changes make it Windows 7. Mind you, I’m not saying this is worth a $400 price tag but when Windows 7 starts shipping with new computers get it instead of Vista.

Windows 7 could be hitting retail shelves at any point from the beginning of 2009 to late 2010 or early 2011.

Source : Vista knowledge


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